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December 18, 2018



Join us for a multi-sensory experience of exploring your chakras through the energetic healing methods of acupuncture, sound healing, CBD, and aromatherapy. This is your opportunity to release stress, tension and blockages from the physical, energetic and emotional body to elevate yourself into a state of self-awareness, pure relaxation, and gratitude. This unique experience will combine the healing benefits of CBD, acupuncture, sound healing crystal singing bowls, as well as a guided meditation to open your energy centers and bring your body into a balanced state.

 During our time together, you will learn about the medical benefits of CBD and how to use it for different conditions as well as an option for prevention of chronic disease. You will also sample top-quality CBD guided by Dr. Michelle Weiner as you learn about your chakras and how they affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We'll become familiar with our chakras by relaxing into a guided meditation during which Lauren will provide acupuncture in correlation with our energetic centers, followed by enjoying a crystal bowl sound healing.

 The goal in treating individuals with acupuncture and Chinese medicine is to bring the body into balance. The beauty is that every treatment is customizable and specific to each person. There are points at the different chakra sites on the body that we use to remove blockages or stagnant energy. The licensed practitioner will use clean needle technique to activate specific chakras, while at the same time crystal singing bowls will be played, which are in tune with our chakras, to further bring your body into alignment.

December 13, 2018

Peace, Love and CBD Oil

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Peace, Love & CBD Oil is a discussion hosted by Dr. Michelle Weiner to inform and educate you about the medical benefits of Cannabis and CBD. Learn more about the current laws in Florida and how to get your marijuana card. Find out which chronic conditions qualify a patient for medical marijuana and learn more about local dispensaries and reliable products in the industry. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A and products will be available for purchase after.

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This workshop provide an opportunity to explore how CBD and Cannabis can support sexual health. Dr. Michelle Weiner, DO, South Florida Medical Cannabis and CBD expert and educator, discussed topics that included enhancing your sexual experience using CBD and Cannabis before sex. It has been recently shown in medical studies that individuals who use cannabis report increased sexual frequency and enjoyment. All are welcome to have this conversation around improved healthy sex.  Michelle Alva, Tantric Treatment Facilitator joined her at the Sacred Space.


CannaLab 101

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WOMEN EMPOWER EXPO/ Medical Cannabis & CBD Expert

Dr. Michelle Weiner is double board certified in Interventional Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is an advocate for and a leader in Florida Medicinal Cannabis industry. Dr. Weiner is passionate about educating the public and other medical professionals about the evidence supporting Cannabis, its benefits for a multitude of different conditions as well as other natural alternatives to promote optimal health and decrease pharmaceuticals.

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For more information on this event press the link: http://consciouscityguide.com

Sacred Space


Dr Weiner at The Sacred Space Talks about Benefits of CBD 


Dr Weiner and the team for CannaMoms

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Dr. Weiner spoke at the grand opening of Curaleaf

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Dr Weiner spoke at the Cannaday Boca Raton


Dr. Weiner spoke at the CannaDay  Event at FIU about Cannabis as a Neuroprotectant

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Dr Weiner at the Seed Food and Wine Festival in Wynwood 


Dr. Weiner in the panel for Cannabis Lab Event


Dr Weiner spoke at the Cannaday Miami

Dr. Weiner's Webinar