Dr. Michelle Weiner
Lifestyle Medicine



Our Paradigm Shift

Prime IMed has created a carefully designed program that offers three holistic categories helpful in promoting wellness, support and professional guidance.



This category is designed to assess the physical state of your body by evaluating the body as a whole. Our full wellness assessment will provide recommendations to maximize your body’s vitality, health and wellness.  The science is now here to individualize and customize a patient’s care, and also to assess the etiology of the problem not solely treatthe symptoms in a more natural manner.  


We encourage physical motion to increase energy and support your journey to soulful living. We offer a collaboration of Master teachers in the fitness and wellness community that can design individual programs and focus on awareness, being present and experiencing “aha” moments.  These practices will help you release toxins and stress allowing new and positive encounters to enter your life. 




This category addresses the emotional component that will propel you to achieve a life of fulfillment and purpose. This nourishing category is also rich in Superfood nutrients and sustenance for a healthy, strong body and lifestyle.