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Dr. Michelle Weiner spoke at Canna-Ed Day 2017 conference about "How to optimize our Endocannabinoid System as well as evidence supporting cannabis."

Dr. Michelle Weiner discusses how patients have benefited from using CBD with little or no side effects. Learn more about the science behind how CBD works with our endogenous cannabinoids and corresponding CB1/CB2 receptors in the human Endocannabinoid system or ECS.

Dr. Michelle Weiner from Spine and Wellness Centers of America talks live on iheart radio about Medical Cannabis in Florida.


Thanks so much, Dr. Michelle, for your patience, your optimism, and your expertise. You have been so instrumental in my continuing healing; your compassion is so reassuring. You have made a big difference in my life…as I’m sure you do with many others. I am so grateful!
— Rochelle (Shelley) Portnoy
Extremely thorough and competent. She is really there for people suffering from excruciating pain. She is there for people with back surgery syndrome. She will take care of you. She has extensive knowledge of markers and lab work that will give a competent assessment.
— Patient review- Healthgrades.com
Dr. Weiner is an amazing doctor who genuinely cares about her patients. She not only listens but she actually “hears” what you have to say. She goes beyond the call of duty, each and every time. If there were more Dr. Weiner’s in this world, it would definitely be a better place to be.
— Betty M. in St Augustine, FL Apr
I would like you to know that I think that your knowledge of med mar]ijuana, patience with your patients, availability to your patients, and your great attitude all make you someone that I respect tremendously and would like to hear ANYTHING you would like to discuss or let me know.
— Joyce Freeman

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Gov. DeSantis announced that he tasked the Legislature with changing the law to allow smoking medical marijuana. If it doesn’t by mid-March, he’ll drop the state’s appeal of a court decision that says banning it violates a constitutional amendment. By Marta Oliver Craviotto


After his 88-year-old mother fell and broke her neck six years ago, Bill Crouse knew he needed to do something. For four months his mother was “off the planet” on opiates in a Plantation nursing home. She was depressed, anxious, constipated and “meaner than snot.”

Crouse was desperate. He took his mother to see Dr. Michelle Weiner, a Miami pain management physician and medical marijuana expert. By May 2018, Crouse’s mother’s opiates were entirely replaced by marijuana tinctures, which he drops under her tongue or mixes in with applesauce. Until he moved his mother into a private assisted living facility last year, Crouse had to sneak his mother her three-times-daily doses when no one was around.

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Dr. Weiner Discusses Medical Cannabis and Insomnia

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NBC News interviewed Dr. Weiner on PTSD and the Medical Marijuana Loophole



Jim Fried and Dr. Weiner discuss innovative new ways medical cannabis is being used as an alternative to opioids to relieve pain.Click the podcast icon to listen)

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