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At Prime Wellness we believe in the power of surrounding yourself with positive, conscious and wholesome people. From nutrition to meditation on a journey to create the healthy lifestyle you have been searching.  We have searched and partnered with South Florida's Best Wellness Gurus and they are here available for you. 


Dosha Ayurveda

Ayurveda chef

Sonia Tigero has been a chef for more than 25 years, trained at Le Codon Blue in Miami, FL.  She has created a LIVER FLUSH - 14 days of cleansing. Deep, but gentle Ayurvedic Program to flush all the toxins held in your liver, including negative emotions. Includes protocol plus 14 days meals. 3 meals per day during 14 days to make your program easy and effective.


Jolie De Marco

My flora aura mindful ctr

Jolie De Marco is an advocate of high vibrational living (that means living happily.) She is an inspirational guide, Author, Speaker, known for her Soul Talkin’ clairvoyant abilities. Jolie is a Mentor, Medium, Empath & Channel, Reiki Master, Crystal healer and Light Tunnel™ conduit. She is gifted with physical and energetic body reading. Jolie enjoys sharing these“gifts” with others. People call her a “Messenger of the Light”.


Raw Juce

body cleanse

Raw Juce is a USDA Certified Organic Cold Pressed juice bar. Among their products they offer Body Cleanses which enable your body to rebuild its digestive system in order to channel energy into a deep cleansing of toxins. This will allow your body to become more balanced from the inside out, so that it can function more efficiently.

Cleansing will also help you jump start long-term lifestyle shifts and stick to them. This is where you will see continual improvements, results, and sustained weight management.

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Bend & Breathe Yoga

Yoga studio

Bend & Breathe, is a boutique yoga studio located in Downtown Hollywood, Florida. Their little sanctuary welcomes yogis of all levels into each of their classes. They aim to create a communal environment where students can feel connected and through practice, create positive change.

Alyssa Berman is the owner and founder of Bend and Breathe. She focuses on Ashtanga yoga, a practice she found to be beautiful and meaningful. Ashtanga helped her gain confidence in her personal practice as well as in her teaching.


Faye Perelis

personal trainer

Faye Perelis is a certified personal trainer with NFPT, National Federation of Personal Trainers and a 500 hour Yoga Certified Instructor. She holds certifications in TRX, Spinning, Tabata Bootcamp, Gravity Total Gym, Les Mills Body Pump, Fit Vibe, Stretching, CPR.  Faye believes that achieving a healthy lifestyle involves physical activity and emotional awareness.

shibori .jpg

Shibori by the Sea

active meditative process

Connie Andreasen Furse offers workshops to inspire people to disconnect from technology and be present in the moment and connect with colors, patterns and art through the use of shibori. Shibori is known to be one of the oldest Indigo dying techniques in Japans.  It consists of folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing it in indigo. Shibori workshops are great social gatherings and a great opportunity to relax.


Dindi's Edibles

CBD Infused healthy snacks

Cathia Dindi is the chef behind Dindi's Edibles. She infuses her healthy treats with CBD because CBD is packed with vitamins, omegas and essential fatty acids that are known to have beneficial impacts on the skin, hair, and overall body. It has been proven to synergize naturally with the body's endo-cannabinoid system.

Clinical research published in the journal of the Federation of American Studies for Experimental Biology shows that CBD is responsible for lipid production which helps the body regulate dry skin and acne. 


Pain Free At Sea

The Egoscue Method

Lisa Nudel developed chronic back pain 15 years ago. For years she tried different methods, medication, and exercises but the results were never long term.

Then she found The Egoscue Method.  A method that analyzes the alignment of your joints and spine. They look at your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, when you stand, walk or are seated. They study these markers crucially to develop a series of active and passive corrective movements and put together a personalized program just for you. 


Crystal Hernandez


Crystal is the visionary and creator behind Unicorns Love Sugar Moonbeams. Her passion goes from painting and drawing to knitting and photography. She attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She studied at SAIC fashion accessory design, fashion illustration and photography. She gets her inspiration from nature and the cosmos among other elements.


Mehndi by Melody

transformational henna

Mehndi (also known as henna) is an adornment of the body utilizing paste that has been created by the mignonette tree. It is an auspicious tradition that is considered to be over 5,000 years old.  When working with clients during the session, the experience is meditative, unifying, and transformational. The henna Melody uses is organic and infused with safe essential oils such as lavender & eucalyptus and free of toxins and dyes.


Jeanette Walkley

Bio-Nutritional Counselor

Jeanette Walkley from Explore Wellness is a Bio-Nutritional Counselor, Walkley uses Live Blood Analysis to review her clients current health condition. If they need a course correction, sheusesdoctor formulated plant based supplements that are amazing along with promoting an alkaline diet and various forms of detoxification.

She provides a personal approach and educational tool to identify toxins, pollutants and contaminants in your blood and whole body.