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Wellness Partners

Dr. Weiner  believes in the power of surrounding yourself with positive, mindful, wholesome people. By using nutrition, meditation, excercise on your journey, you can create the healthy lifestyle you have been searching for.  We have searched and partnered with South Florida's Best Wellness Gurus and they are here available for you. 


Dosha Ayurveda


Sonia Tigero has been a chef for more than 25 years, trained at Le Codon Blue in Miami, FL.  She has created a LIVER FLUSH - 14 days of cleansing. Deep, but gentle Ayurvedic Program to flush all the toxins held in your liver, including negative emotions. Includes protocol plus 14 days meals. 3 meals per day during 14 days to make your program easy and effective.


Jeanette Walkley


Jeanette Walkley from Explore Wellness is a Bio-Nutritional Counselor, Walkley uses Live Blood Analysis to review her clients current health condition. If they need a course correction, sheusesdoctor formulated plant based supplements that are amazing along with promoting an alkaline diet and various forms of detoxification.She provides a personal approach and educational tool to identify toxins, pollutants and contaminants in your blood and whole body. 


Pain Free At Sea


Lisa Nudel developed chronic back pain 15 years ago. For years she tried different methods, medication, and exercises but the results were never long term. Then she found The Egoscue Method.  A method that analyzes the alignment of your joints and spine.


Pilates on the Grove


Pilates in the Grove is where South Floridians go to benefit from the expertise of qualified Physical Therapists and Fitness experts offering group, semi-private, and private sessions. Pilates in the Grove founder Christa Gurka opened her first studio on Miami Beach in 2007 after running a private practice Physical Therapy clinic for several years. 


Essence Nutrition


Essence Nutrition is comprised of a team of Registered Dietitians based in Miami, Florida providing concierge nutrition services to individuals and corporations. Clients receive evidence-based nutrition counseling with a holistic theme designed to enhance your life through food.


Gaia Therapeat

making food your therapy

The concept of GAIA THERAPEAT is to (re)discover this philosophy: better nutrition for a healthy life, while remaining in perfect harmony with nature and respecting our planet, with a “zero waste” objective. Food has become one of the ways to feel better and heal, but we cannot separate it from its environment, and so it is necessary for us to respect.  So much more than a way of nourishment, GAIA THERAPEAT is a state of mind.


Holistic Cannabis Academy Curriculum

Paths to Cannabis Competency

Designed for holistic-minded practitioners, consultants, caregivers & the canna-curious who consider all aspects of health, wellness & lifestyles

Offers a turn-key solution for YOU as the consultant or practitioner to provide materials & handouts to your clients/patients – no more writing your own materials or searching the internet for credible information