Dr. Michelle Weiner
Lifestyle Medicine




Dr. Weiner and the medical team at PRIME have created a carefully designed program that offers three holistic houses helpful in promoting wellness, support & professional guidance.

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House one: Blueprint

We designed this regenerative house to assess the physical state of the body by evaluating a spectrum of risk factors and biomarkers for optimal wellness. Our comprehensive assessment will provide personalized recommendations and integrative solutions to maximize your body's vitality, immune function with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Current science gives us the capability to measure nutrient and functional deficiencies at the cellular level and treat the etiology not just the symptoms based on genetic and environmental factors.

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House two: Empowerment 

This house addresses the emotional component that will propel you to pursue your best self. You will be guided to create a mindful strategy that will help you achieve a life of fulfillment and purpose.   This nourishing category is also rich in Superfood nutrients and sustenance for your body and soul. We will tailor a patient centered program using our highly experienced specialists maximizing nutritional needs..

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house three: movement

By being present in the moment, we will help you achieve the "aha" moments necessary to take your health to the next level. This house encourages physical motion and movement of the body to increase energy and support your journey to soulful living. Master teachers in the fitness community that can design an individual program to meet your specific fitness requirements.  These experiences will help you release toxins and stress allowing new and positive experiences to enter your life. We will provide convenient locations near you.